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  • Service commitments

    Service commitments

    24Whole process hours free consultation,Free field measurement field,Design a two days(Solution)Floor plan。Guangdong higher-ups lets you enter decorate a happy journey。

  • Guarantee


    In strict accordance with the decorating technology specification and standard constructionThrough quality self-inspection、The absolute、The handover check on strictly。That each project can be a model。

  • Design advantage

    Design advantage

    Higher-ups decoration has a designer team,The designer a dozen,, who won two Internet cafes design competition in hunan、Third prize,Case throughout the country。Characteristics is bold and creative works、Conception of subtlety、Highlight personality。So youthful vitality、The diversity of chic and beautiful space,For players to linger。

  • Engineering advantage

    Engineering advantage

    Project construction implementation project manager responsibility system,Construction project supervision regulation,Advocate material unified distribution by the company,To ensure that the materials comply with the design requirements,And piecewise acceptance item one by one,To eliminate the engineering quality hidden trouble,To ensure that project。

  • Site layout

    Site layout

    Strictly carry out the scene(Design、Field、The construction)Disclosure procedures,Field layout to approve design size adjustment,Before the construction such as live loft,The client may refuse to construction。

  • Pay a return visit on a regular basis

    Pay a return visit on a regular basis

    The designer will visit the site on a regular basis,Ensure that the design and construction,Company leadership inspection on a regular basis,To ensure the construction quality let customer trust;Customer service return visit on a regular basis,Owners have no trouble back at home。

Service process SERVICE FLOW
For you to make a professional commercial space solutions
Make an appointment for communication
Design quotation
Sign the contract
Review the drawings
Start the service
Acceptance of work
The material comes into play
The implementation of the construction

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Understand us,Choose us,Provide professional service for you
Dongguan city cafe decoration design engineering co., LTD,In Internet cafes、The dining room、KTV、Such as commercial office equipment as the core of a famous one-stop design and decoration company。We have professional service and design research and development of elite team,Create the quality、Effect of various decoration building environmental upgrades。We establish the modern、Restore ancient ways、Jane's、Ecology、Warmth、Art、Independent、The theme of multielement environment upgrade experience。Let every customer really enjoy belong to him(Her)Are their own happy game warm heaven and earth!Create brand with quality,To develop the market brand,With the world。Higher-ups projects all over the country,Located in guangdong dongguan、Huizhou、Shenzhen、Zhongshan、Guangzho、Foshan、Shanwei、Shantou、Shaoguan,Jiangmen, etc。Higher-ups expectations through continuous efforts to do better on each project,Create a more comfortable environment design and construction of one-stop solution platform。

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    Understand us,Choose us,Provide professional service for you
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