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Capital essence

Capital essenceSenior designer/12Years of experience

Hai-qin zhao

Hai-qin zhaoSenior designer/7Years of experience


YouJingYuSenior designer/3Years of experience

Wu Danyang

Wu DanyangSenior designer/8Years of experience


WangSenior designer/5Years of experience


LiSenior designer/4Years of experience


LiuDesign director/13Years of experience

Nanxing li

Nanxing liSenior designer/5Years of experience

More agile

More agileSenior designer/14Years of experience

Easy to au cheung

Easy to au cheungDesign director/14Years of experience

Tan gone with the wind

Tan gone with the windSenior designer/5Years of experience

The 25-year-old

The 25-year-oldSenior designer/5Years of experience

Liu Ke

Liu KeSenior designer/6Years of experience


NickSenior designer/8Years of experience

Li chao

Li chaoChief designer/10Years of experience

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