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Schedules 2019-09-19A week schedule
00:11 Animal world-2019-182
00:45 Wonderful moment-2019-136《The new heaven and earth》5Points35Seconds(The new)
00:55 Life tips2019Years9Month 15
01:01 The evening news
01:33 Wonderful moment-2019-136《The new heaven and earth》5Points35Seconds(The new)
01:38 Wonderful moment-2019-28Aerial in the second quarter of guangdong, China35Points
02:13 Wonderful moment-2019-46Aerial second JiFuJian mountain in China
02:21 Wonderful moment-2019-48Aerial second JiFuJian architecture in China
02:30 Wonderful moment-2019-136《The new heaven and earth》5Points35Seconds(The new)
02:38 2019Tact-In the third quarter-3
04:11 Today's statement-2019-261
04:39 The news broadcast
05:09 The news broadcast
05:27 Man and nature-2019-263
06:00 Excerpt
08:38 Life as early as reference-Special programs(Life circle)2019-176
09:22 The first great transitions14Set
10:10 The first great transitions15Set
11:01 The first great transitions16Set
11:49 2019The eye of the land-220
11:51 Wonderful moment-2019-133《My motherland》5Points
12:00 The news30Points
12:36 Today's statement-2019-262
13:13 Wonderful moment-2019-133《My motherland》5Points
13:23 Don't forget the beginner's mind first15Set
14:10 Don't forget the beginner's mind first16Set
15:00 Don't forget the beginner's mind first17Set
15:49 Don't forget the beginner's mind first18Set
16:39 Age model hall-2019-14
16:46 China's moment-2019-48
16:49 Wonderful moment-2019-133《My motherland》5Points
16:56 The first animation park-2019-681
16:57 The first animation park-2019-1046
17:16 The first animation park-2019-1047
17:35 The first animation park-2019-1048
17:54 The first animation park-2019-1049
18:14 The first animation park-2019-1050
18:36 The first animation park-2019-579
18:40 The first animation park-2019-682
18:44 Wonderful moment-2019-133《My motherland》5Points
18:54 2019The eye of the land-260
19:00 The news broadcast
19:41 Focus on the interview
20:06 We walked in the road-7
20:41 We walked in the road-8
21:20 The skeleton of the antecedents- 《The great turning point》The first36Set
21:25 The first great transitions36Set
22:20 The evening news
22:57 Wonderful moment-2019-133《My motherland》5Points
23:02 To speak-2019-35
23:55 Wonderful moment-2019-133《My motherland》5Points
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