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Dicos tell you,Fried chicken is so easy to success

The supreme fort crispyThe supreme fort crispy
Fort pineapple chicken legFort pineapple chicken leg
GoldQFort shrimpGoldQFort shrimp
Crispy chicken legCrispy chicken leg
Dicos pistol legsDicos pistol legs
Spicy chicken wingsSpicy chicken wings
Nanyang chicken rollNanyang chicken roll
Crispy Fried chickenCrispy Fried chicken
Dicos chipsDicos chips
Cumin chicken filletCumin chicken fillet
Dicos chicken nuggetsDicos chicken nuggets
Dicos hot coffeeDicos hot coffee
Dicos milk tea sundaesDicos milk tea sundaes
The brand is introduced

What is tempered dicos

The first brand of Chinese fast food franchise

Dicos to join us,Lead the new trend of the business,New information,As dirk sergeant net。
1996Years5Month,Ting hsin international group investment dicos joining the project,Formal into the western fast food chain operation domain。
Over the past few years,Top new successively invested5000More than $,Repositioning、The operation and management“Dicos”,In order to establish one of the most popular among the Chinese western fast food。

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17Years of successful experience》
370The success of the operation mode  One-stop service