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   Tech Roman column series
   Roman column steel series
   Tech eaves line series
   Die eaves line series
   Cast-in-situ vase.Prefabricated vase.Series
   Mountain flower window series
   Ball games
   Separation column series
   Fence series
   A flower pot series
   Other products
   The bark fence mould
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    Our factory collection development、To develop、Design、Operation and installation as a whole,Specialized in cement products molding production,Its performance is stable,The lining is bright and clean、Process is clear,Use for a long time without deformation、Don't shrink、Don't aging、Don't die,Can be used repeatedly。Die adopts computer humanized design,Strong and durable、Leading quality,Trusted by the same industry。
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Contacts:Li jin
The phone:15856753028
qq:356170450 WeChat ID:356170450
Address:Anhui province bozhou city mengcheng county town of Chinese and western200M


Contacts:Li jin The phone:15856753028
Address:Bozhou city mengcheng Town